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We are located in the heart of Washington state’s breadbasket among the fertile lands of the splendiferous, glorious Yakima valley.

Situated next to the historic W.P. Sawyer House at Elmwood Farm, our carriage house is always brimming with unique antique finds, gifts, gardening treasures and more.


It’s our delight to provide the incomparable offerings of English earthenware by Stoke-on-Trent’s Emma Bridgewater.

Too, Jim Keeling’s fabulously handmade, frost free Whichford Pottery is available in a range of sizes and styles for the discerning gardner.


It all started in the fall of 1985 with a wide-eyed and ambitious shopping trip among friends to the south of England resulting in all the country furniture and small stuff we could cram into a 20 ft. shipping container.

After a few long weeks at sea, it was time for another in a long line of British invasions.

It was fun, there was a gala of sorts upon our return, we sold it all in a month and so began a perpetual cycle of bringing back English treasures shipping out of medieval Rye in East Sussex to the fertile lands of the Yakima Valley.


After nearly two decades as staples at Seattle-area antique shows as well as the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, these days we stay closer to home whilst operating out of a 1880’s carriage house located on the idyllic Wapato property adjacent to the W.P. Sawyer House & Orchard, a member of the National Registry of Historic Places.


Emma Bridgewater likes to make things that make everyday life a little bit nicer – things that are beautiful to look at but also a pleasure to use, like a lovely mug that cheers you up when you have your first cup of tea in the morning, or a bowl with a playful message that makes you smile when you use it.

Emma and Matthew only design things that they love and want to use at home themselves, which gives their patterns a unique warmth that makes them instantly recognizable.

Emma Bridgewater Blues collection


Emma Bridgewater's Black + Toast collection

All their pottery is made from cream-coloured earthenware – a traditional Staffordshire product which they make in their own factory in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of British pottery. Most of the production work is still done by hand, and all the pieces are individually hand-decorated, so every one is very slightly different – and their spongeware is always signed by the person who painted it.

From the very beginning, Emma was clear that she wanted to make pottery that could be used and enjoyed every day, so great care is taken with the shapes of their pieces – mugs feel just right in your hands, and bowls and plates are big enough for generous portions, but not that silly restaurant size that takes up all the room on your table. And of course, all tableware is perfectly happy being washed in the dishwasher.


Jim Keeling established Whichford Pottery in 1976 with two apprentices and now heads a team of 30 local people, including his eldest son Adam, designing and making a wide range of English flowerpots using traditional hand-thrown and hand-pressed methods for discerning gardeners worldwide.

They are a family business, passionate about keeping their skills alive, using ethically sourced materials, providing personal customer service and supporting local businesses wherever possible.

They make all their pots by hand, mostly on a traditional potter’s wheel. Everything at Whichford is done in-house which means they have total control during the making process.

Whichford Pottery handmade, frost free garden pots
English handmade gardening pottery by Whichford Pottery

In order to have the best clay possible they make their own. They use a mixture of three local clays, which they prepare and process on site. Richard and Brian, their chief clay magicians, prepare trolleys of fresh clay every day to give to the throwers, who create the pots on potters’ wheels.

They give a 10 year frostproof guarantee against lamination in the frost. They can give this guarantee because they prepare their own special frostproof clay using three different clays which they blend there at the Pottery. Their kilns are fired at a temperature which ensures that the pot is frostproof but still porous, ensuring a healthy growing environment for your plants.


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